All Things Cat

As a child, I remember going to my Grandma Larsen’s house and not knowing where to sit because there was so much cat hair on her sofas. I loved my grandma, and I know she loved me, but as grandchildren we often commented that she loved her cats more!

Anyway, I swore we would never have a cat, and Shalae was in agreement, even as an adult…until one day she got a cat “for the kids.” Amazingly, Shalae’s the one who’s holding and loving Tybee the most. I was shocked!

Over the years, I’ve become quite fond of Tybee too, so we tease each other about all things “cat” and how much we love Tybee! Shalae laughed when she saw her birthday gift box, and I’m sure it won’t be the last thing we exchange that’s cat themed.