My Life Back

I finally feel like I have my life back! Although there were many times I wanted to quit during the last six weeks, Friday was our last day, and I am now a certified hatha yoga teacher! Yay! I don’t plan to teach very often, but I learned a lot and appreciate better why my body loves this 26-2 hot yoga (also called the Bikram method).

There were five full-time facilitators, and we had dozens of guest teachers come and go during the training, each bringing something unique to the program. I’m grateful for all of the instructors and the 24 students, who were amazingly encouraging during this intense experience, and I made new friends close to home and from around the world.

I paid for Joanne’s training before we built our studio, and she paid for mine, so it was a full-circle moment at graduation. Joanne loves what she does and is a bright light for all! She was enthusiastically supportive of all of us, especially the locals before and during training, and she’s already scheduled us to teach our first class.

After sleeping twelve hours Friday night and ten hours last night, I’m still pretty mellow today. I’m happy I did the training, and I’m happy it’s over!