Berlin Candy Bomber

A couple of months ago, we were at a charity function with the Browns and bid on a plane ride, as well as a meet and greet, with Gail Halvorsen, also known as the Berlin Candy Bomber.

Saturday morning was our opportunity to meet at an airplane hanger and fly with Mr. Halvorsen. Colonel Halvorsen arrived wearing the original uniform he wore in the 40s, along with a medal he had received from the German government. The flight was nice, but visiting with this incredible man was what I will always remember.

When our time was spent, after he had told us several stories of his life, he insisted on gathering the kids and giving them some last-minute valuable advice. He taught about integrity and keeping our standards high. He talked of gratitude and attitude. With tears in his eyes, he also shared his feelings about one of his mottos service before self as he referenced Jesus Christ’s example that he has tried to follow throughout his life. It was an especially inspiring experience being with such a gracious (and spunky for being 98!) gentleman who has touched the hearts of millions with his service and kindness.