A Bona Vita Anniversary

We haven’t eaten out in weeks (very unusual, but becoming more normal for us), so when Sterling came home the evening of our anniversary and half-jokingly suggested we go out to dinner, I thought about it for a couple of seconds, decided it was a good idea, and knew right where to go!

Italian is one of our favorites, and I was confident the owner/chef would accommodate my current strict diet, so off we went to Bona Vita. It turned out to be a delicious last-minute meal with my sweetheart and a delightful change of pace for us. We’ll be going out a little more often—to Bona Vita!

Cute story: Just as we were getting ready to eat, Sara called. When she learned where we were for our anniversary, she insisted we take a photo. We didn’t think it was a big deal, but she said if we didn’t, she was going to stop by and take one herself. Of course, we asked a server to take one. When I checked the photo (above), I told Sterling he looked pained to be with me, and we laughed! He assured me he was just pained at taking the photo (he hates photos!) As it turned out, Sara must not have trusted us, because she showed up anyway. This photo, taken by Sara, is much better…and it was fun to see her for a few minutes!

I thought you’d like to see the gift I gave Sterling for our anniversary. Presented in this manly and appropriate box are these 37 shapes, connected with washi tape. On the opposite side of the shapes are 37 reasons why I love this man of mine!