High Time

Because I haven’t been well enough to fly, we hadn’t been to Florida to visit with Shanna and the twins since September, so it was high time for a trip to spend time with them! Highlights of the long weekend for all of us were:

  • Celebrating the twin’s fifth birthday and watching them share their new toys.
  • Floating down the “lady” (lazy) river…as Abbie called it.
  • Watching Liam and Abbie slide down the waterslide. (Liam kept telling Abbie that he would catch her when she came down the slide, which he could barely stay afloat himself. It was so cute!)
  • A trip to Target to buy “fast” shoes for the twins.
  • Watching Mommy train, running into firemen who were also working out, and getting to “drive” the truck and honk the horn—so cool!
  • Snuggling in the morning and read books together.
  • Long and late night chats with Shanna.

It was so hard to say goodbye! I’m grateful for FaceTime and the gap it fills during our time apart. It was a wonderful weekend and did my heart good!