Cousin Time

Since Shalae is sleep training little Owen and Sara’s in Europe, I decided to take the three older Brown kids and the three younger Douglass kids for a couple of days during spring break and do some fun things together. The first day, we walked through the Ashton Gardens, went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity, and met up with Grandpa for dinner at Chili’s, where each child ordered a Mini Chocolate Molten…to die for!

The next day, we went to lunch and a matinee, where we sat in recliners—a first, and we will all be forever ruined! It was the most comfortable way to watch a movie in a theatre. Then we decorated and filled SU! Mini Egg Cartons for the long-distance cousins and finished our time together with swimming.

When I asked them how they would describe the two days, they used words like awesome, best, and fun! It was great cousin time, and I was glad to tag along!