Use Your Imagination

Cameron and Shelby had birthdays this weekend. Cameron likes basketball, and Shelby is now old enough to wear makeup. I hope you can tell, with a little imagination, that their packaging is reflective of both.

When I asked people what they thought Shelby’s gift packaging looked like, almost everyone said perfume, until I reminded them that she could now wear makeup; then they would guess lipstick. So, when I suggested to Shelby that she needed to use her imagination, she only hesitated for a brief moment and guessed lipstick.

Assuming Cameron’s packaging was a given, because everyone else had said it looked like a basketball, I was surprised when Stella asked if it was a bomb! I guess the top of the ornament-turned-basketball does kind of look like a bomb. Thankfully Cameron thought his packaging was a basketball without hesitation!

With a little imagination, and a few crafting supplies, you can create just about anything!