Congratulations, Ruth!

Every million-milestone achiever gets to customize their celebratory trip to Salt Lake City. Even though Ruth Snyder has been here for events, she’s never ventured far from the convention center, and since this was Steve’s first time here, they opted to spend the majority of their time enjoying some of the local attractions.

Ruth was welcomed in grand fashion at the home office in Riverton! She and Steve toured the facility and spent time with our social media guru and one of our illustrators to create a blog and a stamp set. They also had lunch with employees and went to dinner at Vaulters with CT members.

Among the many things they did, one of the highlights for Ruth was purchasing a Rhythm Small World Clock, something she’s wanted for about ten years, but felt too guilty spending the money on such a luxury…until now. Ruth, you deserve at least one clock—and with no guilt!

Ruth has overcome personal challenges and accomplished some pretty amazing things over the years! She’s unassuming and gracious as well as hard-working and consistent. We especially enjoyed dining with and getting to know Ruth and Steve! Congratulations, Ruth!