May is Arthritis Awareness Month in the United States, but no matter where you live, you probably know someone with arthritis. It’s like any disease with good days and bad days. Although there are lots of things to make life easier and less painful for people with arthritis, I wanted to share a few tools I appreciate on the not-so-good days.

This handy dandy opener helps open all sizes of lids. Life before this gadget meant that if Sterling wasn’t home, I had to wait for him to open a lid for me. It’s really inexpensive and saves the day!

These grinders have now become a household staple for us, but before we ordered them, I manually twisted grinders OR would go without salt and pepper when my hands and wrists were so inflamed. A simple push of the button and we now have instant ground pepper and sea salt!

And finally, this may be too much information (if so, I apologize in advance), but several months ago, when I needed help sitting down in most chairs (and yes, toilets too!), Sterling told me he wanted to buy me a toilet seat riser. I thought it was silly because my condition was going to be very temporary, but after a few weeks, he surprised me with what was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received!

Another thing that can be difficult for me is stamping with larger stamps and running larger images through the Big Shot. So, when Sara told me she wanted to create and give me cards to make my life easier, I was grateful for her thoughtfulness and for the stack of cards. Thank you, Sara and Sam! Check out asarathing on Instagram to see all the cards Sara and Sam made.

I’d be curious to know what tools have helped you or someone you know, and I’m guessing other readers might like to know too.