Thailand (Part Two)

We’ve had a lovely time in Thailand! Sterling and I usually don’t go on many excursions during a Stampin’ Up! incentive trip because we feel like we get to visit with more people when we stay by the pools, eateries, and the hospitality room. There were a lot of excursions offered, and I enjoyed hearing about them and seeing photos and videos posted by individuals on Facebook and Instagram. Hopefully you will too.

We did go on the group tour to Phang Nga Bay. Most everyone canoed and walked through the floating village on our way to lunch on the beach. 

There was also a small group of us who went to a special school for the disabled where we served lunch to some of the students. That will be one of my most memorable experiences in Phuket. Several children wanted their photos taken, and their sweet smiles melted my heart.

The final event was an amazing evening of festive costume, music, dance, baby elephants, souvenir shopping, and delicious Thai food (of course!) at the renowned Blue Elephant Restaurant…the perfect way to end an awesome week!

Although we were only together twice during the trip, I’m glad several of our adult family members were able to join us in Phuket. It did my heart good to be with Stampin’ Up! friends and family!

Many thanks to our Stampin’ Up! staff for planning all the details and for taking such good care of everyone, and congratulations and much appreciation to all those who earned this fabulous trip to Thailand! It truly was a trip of a lifetime!