Gardner Grand 2017

This year’s Gardner Grand was packed with activities…maybe too many, but we had a great time! We began with dinner at our favorite restaurant in Heber City called Back 40 Ranch House Grill. When everyone ordered, we were sure we’d have a ton of leftovers, but surprisingly, the food went away and everyone ordered at least one dessert! We then hung out at the cabin and chatted, watched a movie together, and went to bed later than we should have.

Up early the next morning, we went on zip line and horseback riding tours, ate at Café Rio, shopped for our service project, and then went swimming at the new city pool. The evening was spent roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, watching a talent show and a movie, playing games, and sliding down the stairs.

Another early morning, we went to Music and the Spoken Word and on a small tour on Temple Square with the sister missionaries. The rest of the day was spent journaling for our photo album, making the first Gardner Grand video, putting together activity grab bags for children who have to stay at a local hospital, and a barbecue with the rest of our family.

Although it was a super busy weekend, we love spending time with our grandkids and watching all of them interact together!