Celebrating Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Byler and her sister Kara spent a few warm and sunny days in Salt Lake City to celebrate her million-milestone achievement. The traditional welcome at the home office, working on the pick line, and designing a stamp set with Kathy were among the activities at the home office during the day. And the weather was perfect for an afternoon tram ride up the canyon and dinner with CT members and their wives.

The two sisters were pampered with spa treatments and lunch at the Grand America the next day, and then they joined Sara and I for stamping at my home. We worked on 120 bookmarks for an event Mary Ellen will hold in January, but we had to leave earlier than planned to make our dinner reservation, so we didn’t quite finish them. Hopefully Mary Ellen will remember her trip with fondness when she completes them at home.

After a delightful dinner and interesting conversation at the The Roof Restaurant, the four of us enjoyed watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square practice at the Conference Center. It was a beautiful evening with beautiful company! Mary Ellen has worked hard to accomplish a million dollars in sales, and we hope she felt celebrated and loved!