Steffi’s the First

Steffi Helmschrott is our first European demonstrator to achieve the million-milestone, and what a notable accomplishment that is! When I found out I would be unable to attend her welcome reception at the home office, I asked to FaceTime so I could explain why. To see Steffi and Frank on my phone screen, knowing they would be here in only a few days, made me a little giddy! Their excitement for the trip to the United States was also audible and visible; I’ll always remember Steffi’s beaming face!

As usual, we try to make each trip unique to the achieving demonstrator, so in addition to working on a stamp set, some of the things Steffi wanted to do were a hand lettering class, a barbecue with the events team, and stamping with Sara. We didn't stamp in my stamp studio, but Steffi and Frank got to meet our horses. They also enjoyed spa treatments and dinner with CT members and their spouses.

Sara, Sean, Sterling and I were honored to have dinner with Steffi and Frank at Tsunami’s—a definite highlight! While at dinner, we asked them what they thought contributed to Steffi’s success. Their answer? Steffi’s persistence in trying new things and her authenticity. For those who know Steffi, it’s not surprising. In addition to her creativity, Steffi is as sweet and genuine as can be!

Steffi and Frank came to Utah a little early and then spent a few days in San Francisco afterwards, so their celebration was extended—and why not, when you travel all the way from Germany? Thanks, Steffi, for letting us celebrate you!