Camping in the Cool

Sterling and I spent most of the week camping near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where the temperatures were around 70 degrees (it’s in the 90s at home!). It was beautiful, relaxing, and cool!  

Sterling competed in endurance rides while I read and worked (and napped…wink!) at camp. One day I drove to the Grand Canyon Lodge and made phone calls. The view from my “office” was breathtaking!  

Our friends Angie and Issy camped next to us and also competed. Sterling and Saul (a horse new to endurance riding) rode mostly by themselves with the exception of the first day when a newcomer was unsure of herself and asked to join them on the ride. Sterling, of course, agreed because everyone deserves a great first ride. He’s such a gentleman! 

One evening the four of us drove to the North Rim, went on a small hike to one of the scenic viewpoints, and enjoyed dinner at the Grand Canyon Lodge. The food was better than we expected, and the window table overlooking the Grand Canyon was an added bonus. It was a wonderful time…the evening and the entire trip!