A Mother’s Worry

When Hurricane Harvey hit, it was difficult to imagine the damage, but because I didn’t have close family affected, it felt a distant to me.

This week, however, it’s been a different story. Shanna and the twins live in Florida near the beach, so we FT every day (at least once) to be updated on her preparation progress and to give what support we can from afar. While we feel a little helpless, Shanna is pretty self-reliant. She's also strong...in more ways than one!

And since Liam needs to stay near sea level for health reasons, it’s been heartwarming to hear of the friends and family along the coast who have reached out to Shanna and her kids, inviting them to drive to safety.

As Irma gets closer, it looks like our family is in less danger than they were, and that's very comforting to me. I also know that means that somewhere another mother is worrying about her family who is now in danger’s path.

We’re praying for everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Harvey and those who are in Hurricane Irma’s path. 

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