Like Going Home

After completing our mission almost two years ago, we decided that whenever we vacationed in Hawaii, no matter the island, we would always spend a couple of days on Oahu first, visiting our mission and the people we love. This year, we decided to invite anyone we knew to dinner…open house style. Not everyone is shown in the photo, but we got to see many of our dear friends and hold a couple of sweet babies too.

We saw an old friend at the airport and gave her and her friends rides around the island, ate at a few of our favorite places, stopped by the mission office and our remodeled apartment (wow…what a change from when we were there!), and attended a session at the temple in Laie, where they greet you warmly with “aloha.” We thought we would be the only two in the session, but three more people joined us at last minute. Loved it!

Our two days on Oahu was like going home...familiar and memorable! We loved our mission and so many wonderful things about it, especially the warm weather and the beautiful people!