Cold Florida with Family

When we landed on Thursday, it was as if we hadn’t left Utah (other than the palm trees)—COLD! Being with Shanna and the twins was so relaxing and fun, eating out at least once a day, playing on scooters (not us, of course!), reading books, and watching movies together.

What set this trip apart from the others? The kids calling out letters of words they saw and asking us what they spell, lots of loves from their dog Gracie and celebrating her first birthday with ice cream and bacon, and donuts…lots of donuts and other sweet treats!

One of the things I enjoy when we visit is watching Shanna with the twins. She’s such an awesome mom! She looks for opportunities to explain things, she’s more patient than any single mom I know, she’s kind yet firm, she’s a mom who makes everything fun, and she’s respectful and loving. We always leave Florida feeling proud of Shanna and blessed to be her parents…and wishing we lived closer.