Mary’s Celebratory 2M Trip

When a milestone achiever reaches two million, the achiever has a choice to visit Kanab or Riverton. Mary Polcin was quick to decide that she wanted her celebratory trip to be to Kanab. Mary and her friend Donna flew into St. George and spent time there before arriving in Kanab Monday evening to have dinner at Rocking V with a few employees.

Mary and Donna stayed in the Stampin’ Up! apartment with Sara and me, which allowed for casual visiting and a relaxed morning before taking off on an ATV excursion to see Peekaboo and several other local scenic spots. The weather was perfect, the scenery stunning, and we had a fun afternoon together!

Exhausted and sand-covered, we stopped for a gourmet dinner on our way back to the apartment, showered and put on our pajamas, and stamped tags for one of Mary’s upcoming classes until late. 

The Kanab employees greeted Mary with cheers on Wednesday morning. Afterwards Mary and Donna toured (and helped) in the manufacturing plant, ending with a lovely catered lunch with employees. We hope Mary’s trip was all she hoped for and more!