Give Thanks

This is the gift box we gave to our girls and their families, along with a Christmas book (a holiday tradition). Inside the box, I wrote on slips of card stock something we’re grateful for about each family member. We also included an origami turkey made out of a $20 bill—to buy a treat and celebrate family.

Today and every day, I give thanks for the many blessings that are mine, including the challenges that help me grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’m sure my list is similar to yours, but since this is my blog, it makes me feel good to list some of them, especially on this Thanksgiving Day. 

I give thanks for:

My wonderful husband, children (including their spouses), and grandchildren

Our missionaries who serve around the world

My large, extended family

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Atonement that helps and heals me

A warm and comfortable home

Plenty of delicious food to nourish and delight 

Lots of sun and some snow and rain

Several businesses that bless so many lives

Employees and others whom I get to work with

My church callings and those I’m blessed to serve

Beautiful nature that surrounds me

Time with Sterling, especially on horseback

My healthy body that’s getting stronger every day

Happy Thanksgiving Day!