Terri’s Special Celebration

Terri Gaines was celebrated last week for her million-sales milestone as she was warmly welcomed to the Riverton office and then spent the day meeting with and having lunch with a list of people. A quiet evening with corporate team members at Stoneground Kitchen in Salt Lake City finished the day. 

Months ago, when planning her trip, Terri said she wanted to teach our family how to make her signature chocolates—chocolates she’s shared with us at events for as long as we can remember. It didn’t surprise us, because Terri is always thinking about others, and we didn’t want to disappoint her. Besides, who’s going to pass up an offer like that? 

So, on day two, Terri arrived at our home in the early afternoon (with gifts for all of us!), and as children got out of school, the house got noisier and noisier. It had to be a bit overwhelming, but Terri continued to smile as she busily worked with each of us, helping us be successful in our new endeavor. The kids were absolutely delighted to participate, and the Gardner family now has a new tradition—thanks to Terri!

Café Rio was delivered just as we finished the chocolates, and the rest of the evening was spent visiting and enjoying one another’s company. Thanks, Terri, for including us in your special celebration in such a meaningful way!