Simple and Inexpensive Easter Gift

This is the simple (and inexpensive…about $1 each) gift we gave our girls and their families yesterday in preparation for Easter. The tag totally says spring to me! The wheat berries sprout and grow quickly, so everyone is excited to see the progress each day. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the significance of new life and how it applies to Jesus Christ. I also wanted to share the note inside the “seed packet,” which reads:

The book we gave you last Easter Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter shares seven Easter traditions. We hope you’ll read it again as you prepare for Easter. The first story—Lazarus—and the tradition associated with the story, remind us of the unexpected hope that will spring forth from the darkest moments of our lives.

 Every spring, the Lord sends us His visual reminder. From very dark places, blossoms break through the dark soil, and the earth becomes new again. The blooms are a reminder of life after death, of hope after despair, of grace bursting forth from the darkness.

We know that Jesus Christ lives, and He is the source of all hope. May this spring season bring you hope as you watch this wheat grass grow and ponder on what Easter means to you.



Until you find the book:

1.     Remove a small layer of soil.

2.     Place the wheat berries on top of the remaining soil.

3.     Cover with the soil you removed to keep the berries moist when you water.

4.     Water the wheat morning and night for the first several days to make sure it stays moist.

5.     After a week or so, water about every three days.

The wheat will begin to sprout in about three days. When it gets long, you can clip it or let it grow and tie a ribbon around the middle of the grass to give it strength.