Many Hands Make Light Work

Today was Stampin’ Up!’s day of service, worldwide! In all of our offices, a service project was planned. We also invited demonstrators to join us by serving in their communities, and reading about the variety of service projects they did around the world was heartwarming.

While bunk beds were being assembled by employees in Riverton (see Sara’s Instagram post), Sterling and I were in Kanab laying sod at the city park with about 40 hard-working employees from 6:00 AM until 11:00 AM. We had to wait for a second truckload of sod, so we also pulled weeds and raked rocks to get ready for shrubbery and trees. The saying many hands make light work was certainly true today. It was amazing to see how well everyone worked together and how beautiful the park looked when we were finished! As one employee put it, “I think we’ve done a little good in the world today.”