Rest of the Trip

When Shalae and Jon decided to not go to Southern Utah because Owen’s so active (he’s adorable, but he never stops!), we couldn’t imagine leaving the three older Brown children home and missing out on cousin time, so we invited them to join us. The boys slept in the back of the horse trailer…after Sterling cleaned up the horse poo, of course!), and Phoebe slept inside the living quarters with us. I posted about our family reunion and the 4th, but I neglected to post about the rest of our trip.

Monday activities included a longer-than-planned six-mile hike (I can’t believe I forgot to get photos of this, but hopefully just the mention here will help us recall this unforgettable occasion!), swimming at the city park, riding horses, and fishing and pedal boating in a pond up Johnson Canyon.

Tuesday consisted of sightseeing up Kanab Canyon, a visit to Moqui Cave, and a special class in Blacksmithing. We played games, watched movies, and ate out often. Although we were exhausted every night, we all agreed it was an awesome trip together!