Second Annual Celebrate Courage

The second annual Courage Reins’ fundraiser, Celebrate Courage, was a huge success, raising more money than last year’s event, even with fewer people attending!

The big hit, and something new this year, was having all of the program’s horses out in the front pasture for all the guests to see up close. They loved it—both the guests and the horses! Thankfully the weather was perfect for the occasion. 

Another new feature was a horseshoe wall filled with smaller ticket items that people could purchase…kind of like a giving tree. It turned out to be a fun addition, especially for the children.

Family and friends stayed afterwards and helped tear down and clean up, but we were still exhausted! It was definitely worth it though—all the hours of planning and setting up. We’re so glad to see dear friends, meet new ones, and grateful to be part of such a worthy cause!