Lake Powell August 2019

I don’t remember ever going to Lake Powell in August and was worried it would be too hot, but it was gorgeous! The water was warmer and didn’t take your breath away like it does in June. We stayed in a sweet little cove on the back side of Cookie Jar that allowed for the perfect protection where the wind could pass through when it was stormy. 

Several of the kids planned to sleep in hammocks on the upper deck, but with the winds, they all slept in the living room—wall-to-wall kids, especially when Kona and Makai arrived!

Along with all the usual water sports, there was kayaking, fishing, and hiking the red rocks, and there were Lily pad wars, diving contests, card games, jewelry making, and talent shows. 

This was Owen’s first trip since he was a baby. He had a blast, and everyone enjoyed having him on the trip—probably why he’s in a ton of this year’s photos!

One of my highlights was when Cooper and I were hiking, and we talked about how Lake Powell is a sign that there is a God because something this beautiful couldn’t happen by chance! It was a conversation I hope to always remember. 

Lake Powell—the most beautiful and peaceful place to spend time with my family!