Courage Days

Saturday was our privilege and pleasure to serve at Courage Days—a half-day fair and horse show at Courage Reins.

The fair included hay rides by Sterling and Ashton, bounce houses and games, pony rides and grooming, and sweet treats and savory eats that the Gardner grandkids managed all by themselves because I was so busy doing glitter tattoos. Sterling and I are so grateful for their willingness to help hand out flyers beforehand and then to work so hard and long with happy hearts! 

The horse show consisted of 15-minute blocks of time where clients showcased their abilities. Jon took a ton of photos, and I had a hard time deciding which to share because what happens at Courage Reins is almost magical, and you can see it on the clients’ faces and feel their excitement when you congratulate them on their ribbons. Amazing!

It was a rewarding day, watching the community come out to support the Courage Reins’ clients and to see the team effort of the staff and so many volunteers! And it was a lot of fun!