My Flowerful Brooch

A couple of weeks ago at the Cincinnati Regional, I wore a brooch that I’d made with the Stampin’ Up! Flower Folds die. I bet I had a few dozen demonstrators ask me how I’d made it, so I’m breaking my own rule here—I’m posting instructions for a project. (Normally I don’t do that, but just this once. . .  )



For this brooch I started by cutting out four flowers of the same size. I folded each of the flowers in half, then I laid each of the flower halves down, with one half of the petals overlapping onto the previous flower half, almost like weaving the flower petals together.

After you have the four flower halves interlapping, I loosely tacked them together, with large stitches. I know some people use the sewing machine, but I'm too lazy to get mine out (smile), so I handstitched mine.

Then I repeated this several times, making as many different little flower pieces as I wanted. For this brooch, I made two each of the three smallest flowers from the die, so I had a total of six flower pieces.

When I finished the flower pieces, I layered them on top of each other, kind of overlapping and random. I call it skillywampus. (Good luck finding that word in the dictionary!)

Next, hot glue a small circle of felt over the stitching on the back and secured pin (or hair clip or whatever). Finish off  the flower by adding the flower center—on this brooch I used an antique button from Mom Heather’s button collection.

Using fabric with our Big Shot and dies is very popular, and this is such an easy project (I just used scrap fabric from projects at my house--pillows from my back porch, curtains in my stamp studio, and my apron from last year's convention)—I noticed several people at Founder’s Circle with similar pins, hair bows, and other things. There’s really so much you can do with this!