Paint Over Graffiti

We don't see a lot of graffiti here in Hawaii, and yesterday's service project is the reason why. Several members of the university branch met early in the morning for a light breakfast, divided into groups, were assigned different bus routes, and set off to paint over graffiti at nearby bus stops. Most of our group's stops were within walking distance, so we painted just about anything that had graffiti on it as we walked from stop to stop. Sterling and I felt more like moral support (we didn't have appropriate painting clothes), but it was a nice way to spend time with great people and at the same time do a little service for the community.

Twins Turn Three

The twins turned three this week, and even though we FaceTime often, I wanted photos of them showing me their presents. I couldn't decide which photo to post, so I'm sharing all three. I wish Liam would've flashed his charming smile, but Abigail certainly hammed it up!

These fry boxes held our typical gift of cash. We included a little tub toy because they don't understand the concept of money very well. Of course the twins liked their toy, and Mom will like spending their money on something they need.

Employee Appreciation in Riverton

Yesterday was a good day—a day of celebration and appreciation for the excellent employees we work with here in our Riverton office.

We started the day with company update meeting—something we provide regularly to keep everyone in-the-know about the state of Stampin’ Up! Yesterday we discussed our challenges and some very positive news—our first quarter numbers were really encouraging, and we’re on track for a great 2015! I love it when we share happy news! We also provided a little surprise for our employees in gratitude for all they do.
After the meeting we had an appreciation lunch (much like our event in Kanab last week). The food was delicious and the atmosphere was really fun!

I’m always overwhelmed by the goodness of the people I work with—in all of our offices. They care about each other and our demonstrators and live the Statement of the Heart in so many ways.
Thanks to all of you for helping Stampin’ Up! be such a wonderful place to work. We love all of you!

Change of Pace


A few weeks ago, the mission office couples agreed to take turns covering for one another during one afternoon a week (that way there’s always someone to answer the phones and greet guests) so we could attend the Laie Temple. This week was our turn. 

As the morning progressed, we weren’t sure we would be able to leave because we had things we felt needed to be done, but we “made” ourselves break away, and I’m so glad we did!

Since we arrived last month, we haven’t had a chance to drive to the other side of the island, and it was a nice way to spend the afternoon…a sunny day and a beautiful drive! We stopped on the way for a late lunch at Cholos in Haleiwa, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on Oahu.

The trip was a welcome change of pace…and much appreciated!

Kanab Employee Appreciation

Hi Everyone! This is Sara. I get to post about company events while Mom and Dad are on their mission. That way, they can enjoy these updates as much as I enjoy theirs. Hopefully it won’t make them too homesick. ;)

I have to say, I love going to Kanab.

I grew up there and used to work with many of our Kanab employees, so visiting them feels like going home. Yesterday I headed down south for our annual Kanab Employee Appreciation event. (This year it was an Italian lunch, complete with an Italian soda bar. Yum!)

We had a great time, and as always, our Kanab folks amaze me. Their commitment to continuous improvement is so impressive. They’re always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective, and I truly don’t think they realize what a difference they make. They’re problem-solvers and they come to work with a great attitude. I just love them!

Whenever I have a chance to spend time with these great people, I am reminded of something very important: the people who are part of our Stampin’ Up! family are a big part of why I love this company.

We love you guys! Thanks for all you do!

Our First Transfer Week

This week was transfer week, where new missionaries arrive in Hawaii, some missionaries are transferred to a different area and serve with a new companion, and those who have completed their service prepare to go home.

Everyone in the mission office had told us that transfer week was hectic, but until you experience it, you can only imagine it!

I was mainly responsible for preparing files for last-minute incoming missionaries, communicating information for those going home, and for the mission newsletter. Sterling was responsible for coordinating flights and ferries for all the missionaries transferring from island to island. (Only one missionary ended up on the wrong side of an island…something Sterling hopes doesn’t repeat itself…LOL!

The best part about the week was getting to meet young missionaries as they arrived, in between transfers, and as they were leaving the mission. They have such a positive spirit about them! Those were the moments when we didn’t plan to accomplish anything except to visit with them and bask in their enthusiasm!

We’re glad to have a transfer week under our belts and are already thinking of ways we can improve for the next transfer in six weeks.


Did You Know?

I have recently learned that there has been some confusion and concern regarding my personal blog content appearing on the Stampin' Up! corporate website, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few things with you.

First, is my personal blog (and a journal of sorts for me), where I post about my life, my family, my religion, and Stampin’ Up!, just as I have done since the beginning of my blog. These posts evolve with my personal circumstances.

Stampin’ Up!’s home page is a feed with content from some of our social sites and includes Stampin' Up!’s own corporate blog. The site tells an overall story about who we are and is a place for us to share ideas, promote products, and make announcements.

As the owner of the company, my blog posts contribute to that feed because many of them feature samples made with Stampin’ Up! products, recognize demonstrators and employees, and highlight company events; however, timely corporate announcements should always be the priority, and we have taken steps to ensure this will happen in the future.

I understand that some people may occasionally be offended by what I write. To offend is certainly never my intention! My goal is to inspire and connect on a more personal basis with those who visit my blog.

Some subtle changes have been made to, and we will make more changes to distinguish corporate blog posts from my personal posts so visitors can more clearly choose what content they wish to view. I will also try to remember to have sensitive posts removed from the company’s home page feed, so as not to offend.

I’m sorry to have caused concern or to have offended anyone. I hope you know me well enough to know that I would never intentionally do either. It’s just not my nature.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns. I really do value them…and all of you!


Excited for a Package

We sent each of our grandchildren a Berry Basket filled with sweets, and this was the reaction from a few of them, excited to receive a package from Grandpa and Grandma…a photo that made our day!

Our tradition, especially at Eastertime, is to give a spiritual gift along with a few treats, so included with the baskets, each family received the DVD He Knows My Name, a simple story portraying a little girl who meets Jesus and takes Him home to meet her family.

The baskets and tags were stamped and assembled by a friend and shipped to us. We filled them and shipped them back to each family…an unexpected cost indeed, but worth it when we received the photo of happy grandchildren!


Over Two Hundred

It’s been over a month since we offered to send a Book of Mormon, along with a hand stamped bookmark, to anyone who wished for and requested them, and I’m happy to report that over two hundred were sent out today.

Sterling and I had help making the bookmarks while we were in Kanab for Paul’s funeral. It was a wonderful evening of visiting, reminiscing, and laughing with family while we cut, counted, stamped and tied. So, for those of you who receive a bookmark, know they were made and signed with happy hearts and lots of love!