Sale-a-Bration on Good Things Utah

I got to share a little Sale-a-Bration celebration yesterday on Good Things Utah! I haven’t watched my segment yet (you can check it out here), but Shalae watched it at home and she said it went well. I’ll take her word for it. . .

I know I enjoyed being a guest. While I’m always a little nervous, it’s always fun to share Stampin’ Up!, and I love the Good Things Utah hosts.  Nicea has been there since the start of the show, so I know her best, and I love it when she’s on the show with me. She even mentioned today that she makes hand-stamped birthday cards with stamps I gave her several years ago. . . loved that on-air, unsolicited testimonial!

They only ended up showing one project on the show; I brought several more along that we just didn’t get to. So, of course, I thought I’d share them here with you! They all feature Sale-a-Bration products, and they’re super-easy to create. Enjoy!


Communication, Innovation, and Dedication

We had our regular company update meeting today, and I was reminded how important it is to communicate, communicate, communicate! We’ve really been trying to make sure our employees know what we’re focusing on as a company and how they can get involved and make a difference.

After the meeting today, several people came up and thanked us for sharing information—everything from the “big picture” to specific innovative projects we’re working on to specific numbers relating to our sales and recruits. Many of our employees aren’t directly involved in the projects we’re doing, and it’s exciting for them to see how the big picture vision translates into everyday action.

We talked about several things today, including a new monthly “Innovation Day” we’re starting at Stampin’ Up! where all employees take the entire day to be innovative! No meetings, no e-mails, no phone calls, no deadlines. . . an entire day devoted completely to being creative and innovative in whatever way our employees choose. I’m very excited to see what the amazing minds we have at Stampin’ Up! come up with!

We also talked a little bit about Paper Pumpkin—if you haven’t heard about it, you can check it out at This is one of the more innovate projects we’ve launched recently, and it is definitely different from what we’ve done in the past. We explained to our employees that we are focusing on finding new customers in as many different ways as we can, and this was one of those ways.

I did take the opportunity to reaffirm to our employees (and now to you) that our dedication to our demonstrators is unwavering. While we are certainly doing different things to increase awareness of Stampin’ Up! and attract new customers, we remain absolutely commited to making sure that new customers are directed to our demonstrators at every opportunity. We ARE a direct-sales company, and I want to make sure that there is no question about that in anyone’s mind!

Celebrating Two Anniversaries

We launched our spring regionals (our 25th anniversary!) in Dallas this weekend. We gathered together with approximately 600 participants (100 guests—woo hoo and welcome!) and had a great time!

I had hoped—and expected—it to be warmer than it was (and it WAS warmer than Utah, for sure!), so we were all grateful that the event was in the same hotel we were staying in. Sometimes we have to walk a block or two to the event site, and while I don’t mind the exercise at all, I have to admit I was glad this weekend that everything was under one roof.

Loved the Dallas crowd. . .but I could say that anywhere! I just love our demonstrators. We focused on our anniversary AND Sale-a-Bration AND the new spring catalog, so there were plenty of new products, fun project ideas, and excitement!

My project used Sale-a-Bration product—a simple (at least for me) birthday card for our employees. I love sending out gift cards to our employees every year, and I try to share the cards I send out when I can.

Usually I fly home with the rest of the group, but I left early this weekend. . .mostly because I was supposed to teach our women’s group at church but also because Sterling’s and my anniversary was Saturday and I wanted to get back to my sweetheart! I got home late, but it was still nice to give him an anniversary hug!

A Yearlong Party

We’re partying at Stampin’ Up! this year—celebrating our 25th anniversary! It’s been fun for me to think back on where we started and how far we’ve come, and I’ve shared many thoughts on the journey in various places (events, publications, online, etc.) I also wanted to share a few thoughts here on my blog as well. . .

At Sara’s downline overnight last weekend, I asked her downline what kind of stories they’d like to hear throughout the year. I was surprised that one of the first things they asked was, “Why did you start Stampin’ Up!” I guess I feel like I’ve told that story frequently, but can you ever tell a great story too many times? (smile)

So that’s where I thought I’d start today (and I will keep it short and sweet).

Twenty-five years ago, my sister Vonna and I were neighbors, living in Las Vegas. Our sweethearts were working in construction, and we were both stay-at-home moms, with young children at home. I was feeling a need for social interaction; Vonna was looking for a way to supplement her family income.

We’d both dabbled in various direct-sales businesses, and when we discovered stamping we knew we’d found the product we wanted to sell! However, we couldn’t find the right combination of service, opportunity, and quality products. So we created it ourselves!

We learned so much those first few months—growing from operating out of our living room to a warehouse in three months, and then moving to an even larger warehouse a few months later. Ultimately we bought our own property (my dad’s old truck shop) in Kanab and continued to grow.

That growth caused a bunch of challenges (we call them opportunities today, but they sure felt like challenges back then!) and a huge learning curve for us. We took a real-life crash course in Business 101 and figured out a lot of things that continue to benefit us today, both personally and professionally. And looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. . . well, at least not very many things!

So there’s a little glimpse backwards. I’ll share more memories throughout the year. I’d love to hear what you’d like to hear me reminisce about. . .



Hugs and Kisses

Sara and I continued our annual hugs and kisses Stampin’ Up! tradition. . . one of my favorite traditions here at Stampin’ Up! We walked around to every employee’s working area, handing out Hershey’s hugs and kisses (one of each) to everyone who was here, and we left one of each on the desks of those who weren’t there.

I love this tradition because it allows me a rare face-to-face opportunity to thank our amazing employees for all they do. We also mailed hugs and kisses to our offices around the world; I want to make sure they know they’re included in my thanks.

What great people we have here at Stampin’ Up!, and I’m so grateful for the chance to work with them.

I hope they all—and you too—have a wonderful Happy Valentine’s Day!


A Downline Overnighter

Sara had her first-ever downline overnight activity. We’ve been talking about it forever but never actually made it happen. . . but last night, it happened! Not everyone could make it, but those who did had a blast!

We met for dinner, then headed up to the cabin. The only agenda was BYOP—Bring Your Own Project. All we did all night was chat and work on our projects—and I do mean all night. Or at least most of the night. I stayed up longer than I have for ages, and they all stayed up much later than me!

This morning we woke up—quite late, of course—and had breakfast, then headed home. It was a simple event, not elaborate or fancy. But it was VERY fun!

I’m grateful that Sara involves me in her group. She’s been a demonstrator for years, and although her downline is small, she’s been very committed since she came back to Utah to having regular meetings. I’ve loved getting to know her downline and being part of the group!

Finally. . . Some Twin Time

Last night as I was on my way to yoga, I called Shanna. Believe it or not, it’s been over a month since I’ve seen my babies in person—and they live less than a mile away! I’ve been so careful to keep my distance because of this horrible flu; I did NOT want those little ones to get sick.

Shanna has been a sweetheart, sending me updates almost every day. And I’ve loved seeing the photos and watching the videos, but it’s definitely not the same as holding them and loving them and kissing them! I needed some twin time!

So last night on the phone I asked Shanna if it was better for her if I came over then or waited until tonight. “Come now,” she said, so I headed straight over. . . yoga could wait!

The next hour was glorious! It was definitely the highlight of my day, possibly the week, and maybe even the month! I’ve really limited my family time while I’ve been sick, and I can’t wait to make up for lost time!


Taking It Easy. . . Mostly

As I’ve mentioned, it’s been a tough few weeks! I haven’t felt this sick for a long time, BUT (knock on wood!), I think I’ve finally turned the corner! I’ve tried very hard to be mellow and take it easy this week; I think I made a mistake earlier when I started to feel better by doing too much too soon, and I wasn’t about to make that mistake again!

I didn’t do much this week other than laying low at home. . . a few meetings, phone calls, etc. However, I did have an aunt who died last week and, although she’d left very specific instructions that she didn’t want any kind of services, she did consent to a small family gathering. So Sterling and I did venture down to southern Utah a couple of days ago for a small family gathering.

Which was wonderful. . . for several reasons!

For the obvious reason—it was heartwarming to gather with a few family members and celebrate my aunt’s life, as well as just catch up with loved ones.

And it was fabulous to be where the sun was blue and the cliffs were red and the temps were warm! All the way up to 51 degrees! That may not sound warm to some of you, but when you’ve spent weeks in below-freezing temps, 51 is almost toasty! You can see in the picture I wasn’t even wearing a coat!

I loved seeing my brother’s homemade airplane. He made it several years ago, but I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. He flew up for the gathering, and I got to go see his handiwork for the first time. I was very jealous that he flew up from Nevada and it only took him an hour!

And it just felt great to feel good! (Not completely better, but oh, so much better!) I even spent a couple of hours at our Kanab facility, walking the floor and visiting with our employees. It’s been a while since I’ve been down there, and I was glad for the opportunity to see them.

Now we’re back up in the cold and snow, although it is warming up a bit. I think we got to almost 40 degrees here today. And I hear that the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday, so that means it’s an early spring, right?

We can only hope!



Celebrating Their Service

In December, I wrote about our annual Christmas celebrations, where we honor employees who have been with us five, ten, and fifteen years. I took and posted photos of those employees from our Kanab office, but we forgot to take the pictures of our home office employees.

I told everyone we’d take the photos this month and I’d post them on my blog, but I haven’t been in the office much this month (thanks to leadership and then the flu), so they went ahead and took the photos without me this week. While I was sad I couldn’t be there to thank these employees again for all they do, I’m glad to finally get these photos posted. (There are several employees missing in each of the photos. . . it's hard to find a time when everyone was available!)

Congratulations to these amazing individuals, and thanks to all our employees in all our offices for all they do!