The Aloha Spirit

All I can say is the Aloha Spirit is alive and well in Hawaii—especially in Cindy Baughman’s downline and at her Workshop of a Lifetime. Both Sterling and I got in the car after the workshop last night, looked at each other, and said, “That was FUN!”

Cindy has been a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up! for more than 10 years. She served on the Advisory Board, and I know her fairly well. I haven’t seen her for awhile—and I’ve never been to her house—but I felt like I was coming home last night as we hugged and connected again. She is one of the most gracious women I know; you can’t help but love her!

The workshop went well. There were several stamping newbies, as well as some experienced stampers. One of the Make & Takes featured the watercolor technique—I probably wouldn’t do that again for a Make & Take at an event with new stampers (one of those lessons you learn as a demonstrator). Everyone did a great job (and a few guests did order the AquaPainter), but I could tell it was harder to get the knack of watercoloring when you’re not familiar with stamping to begin with.

The other project went over well though, and the whole atmosphere was incredibly warm and friendly.  I think Cindy got three bookings (I didn’t find out for sure, but there were three note cards gone from my bookings basket, so I’m hoping. . . ), and I’m not sure about sales.

And the food . . .holy cow! Because many of her guests had come straight from work, Cindy (and several of her customers) set out quite a feast. Sterling and I didn’t have time to eat during the workshop, but before we left to catch our flight (the red-eye back to California), we filled up a plate. We ate as Sterling drove to the airport, and we wished we’d taken more!  There were several things I’d never tried before, and one thing in particular (a cranberry salsa) I’d love the recipe for (hint, hint, Cindy).

Cindy went all out for her demonstrator event, which included fabulous food, a program with island dances, and valuable time to get to know her downline. Cindy told her group that she had set a goal to earn a Workshop of a Lifetime because she wanted the demonstrators in her group to have the opportunity to meet me; because they live in Hawaii, many of them don’t make it to convention or leadership. I felt very special—and was thrilled with the opportunity to meet everyone!

Aloha to all of my Hawaiian friends—I will miss you!

Hawaii R and R

When we saw that one of the Workshops of a Lifetime was in Hawaii, Sterling spoke to be my assistant for that workshop—and he also insisted that we come a little early. I didn’t argue with him at all! So we’ve been here in Hawaii enjoying the gorgeous weather, the fabulous food, and the wonderful opportunity to work (I’ve slipped quite a bit of work in between eating and resting) with a view of the beach in the background. (Can that really count as work?)

We haven’t done much else. We have taken a quick trip to Matsumoto’s (the best shaved-ice place ever!) and Cholo’s (they make a cheese, spinach, and chicken enchilada to die for!), gone to church, and just rejuvenated. If you can be boring in Hawaii, we’ve been it!

I think I’m mentally preparing for this next stretch of workshops—it will be the longest yet without returning home. We do the workshop here, then I fly from Hawaii to Georgia in a day, meet up with Sara, and do two workshops on Thursday and Friday. I get to spend Easter weekend with the Browns, and then next week I do workshops in Michigan before arriving home two days before Shanna’s wedding. We planned the bridal shower on Friday so I could be there, and the wedding is on Saturday. And then I’m off again on the next Monday for more workshops!

So I’m doing all the resting and rejuvenating I can here, while I can. Aloha!

A Delightful Day

Our day spent with Carolyn was fabulous! From the light lunch with demonstrators (where I had the best flourless chocolate cake ever!) to the evening workshop, I enjoyed every minute! And I think Sterling enjoyed it  too—he even got an ovation from the ladies for his Make & Take performance!

Carolyn has to be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! I had no idea, but she actually had a workshop scheduled in the morning before I even arrived, and then the day’s activities with me. . .  And to top things off, her daughter (who visits her once a year for only a few days) was in town, and so I’d stolen precious daughter time as well. But you’d never know it; she was so gracious and kind. And it was fun to meet her three daughters (the other two live nearby), who are as kind as their mother!

The workshop was warm and cozy, and everyone seemed so happy to be there. We had at least three people who had never stamped before, and they LOVED discovering this new art! I enjoyed seeing the stamping bug bite. . .

They enjoyed the Make & Takes; in fact, several of the seasoned stampers let their creativity shine through, adapting an accent here and an image there; it’s always fun to see the variations people come up with.

I had fun sharing a different stamping kissing technique that several of the guests hadn’t seen before, plus when we were stamping I pointed out the wet/dry side of the Stampin’ Scrub, which several of the guests hadn’t known about either. It’s always nice when you feel like you’ve shared an “aha” moment with a fellow stamper.

Two of Carolyn’s guests discovered they’d known each other more than 20 years ago (a teenaged Madeline used to babysit Sharon’s children). And the same Sharon, who has been Carolyn’s friend for years, never attended a workshop until yesterday, but she was one of three guests who signed up as a hostess.

And during the day’s discussions with demonstrators, we shared inspiring conversations about workshops (two demonstrators mentioned how much they had enjoyed focusing on workshops in their personal businesses), products, and the many benefits of being a demonstrator. It was just a delightful day from beginning to end—once again, in large part because of the people we got to interact with throughout the day!



In California with Kristi

After a week off to play catch up at work, plan Shanna’s wedding, and take our family photo, I’m back on the Workshop of a Lifetime road again! We’re in California this week; two demonstrators earned a Workshop of a Lifetime here.

We had Kristi Jensen’s workshop last night, and once again, I was reminded how much I enjoy people! While we all love great products and stamping and creativity, it’s really the people who are at the heart of what we do—Kristi’s guests were friendly and fun! It was delightful to chat with them and get to know them better.

And that goes for Kristi too! This is the second time that I’ve done a workshop with a demonstrator who has two adorable children and is pregnant with her third (Kristi is due in August). Kristi is in a transition stage; she’s built a great business in California, but her husband recently got a job in Utah (my neck of the woods!), and they will be moving up there this summer.

Kristi’s husband is actually already in Utah working. He does fly down some weekends, and this weekend he took an extra day off so he could be there for the workshop—I was touched by that show of support! The Jensens are building a home in Utah, so until it’s done, Kristi and the kids are living with her parents, who graciously let us invade their home for the evening.

This is the first workshop where Sterling has accompanied me instead of Sara. While I greeted guests and chatted with people before the workshop, he was in charge of the first Make & Take, and I was impressed! He did such a great job, I might even let him back into the stamp studio at home! (smile) And Kristi told me later that several of her guests commented on how much they enjoyed seeing him there, supporting me and talking about what Stampin’ Up! has meant in his life.

Everyone seemed to like the projects—we focused on Sale-A-Bration products, since we’re nearing the end of our most popular promotion. I was disappointed that we didn’t get a booking; my goal is to get at least two bookings from every workshop. But this is real life, and we don’t always get what we want (darn!). Hopefully we planted some seeds, though. . .  She did have a new customer who said, “When’s your next event? Sign me up!” —maybe she’ll decide to book an event herself.

More tomorrow about tonight's workshop!

Gardner Family Photo--2010

Whew! Another family picture day come and gone.

Every year we shoot a family photo for the upcoming catalog, and as some of the kids have moved farther away, it’s become more complicated—we have to set the date months in advance to make sure everyone can make it. This year we worked it around Jon’s spring break, so the Browns have been in town for the whole week.

And as our numbers have grown, it’s become quite a production as well. The photographers who shoot the cover of the Idea Book & Catalog also shoot the family photo, so we go to their studio in Salt Lake City. They’ve been working on the set for weeks, and we (mostly Shalae) have been working on our wardrobe. Everyone gets a new shirt or blouse, and they bring their own jeans, pants, or skirts. 

The women without children (just me and Shanna this year) head to the studio first for make-up, with everyone else scheduled at different times. Those with the youngest children arrive last, for obvious reasons. All the girls get make-up, and everyone (men and children too) get powdered.

Our focus is, of course, keeping the kids entertained and happy while we’re getting ready. Grandpa brings a supply of mints (small and white, so they don’t stain clothes), healthy snacks abound, handheld electronics are welcome, and a play-zone is stocked with all the kid-friendly props from the studio gathered in one place to keep little hands occupied.

Once make-up and powder is applied, the grown-ups and older grandchildren get in their places. Lights are adjusted, props are moved, and people are arranged. We absolutely couldn’t do it without the behind-the-scenes professionals—they’re incredible!

 At the last possible minute, we place the younger children. This year Phoebe (age 1) and Stella (age 2) were little stinkers (the rest of the kids were fabulous!), but we still managed to shoot plenty of photos in about 20 minutes. 

People sometimes ask me how we got everyone to look so great in one shot, and here’s our secret—we don’t! PhotoShop is our best friend! We pick the one shot that has the most number of people looking good, and then we steal head shots from other photos and PhotoShop them in. And you thought we just had kids who were darling all the time, huh?

After it’s all over, we head back to Grandma and Grandpa’s (we order lunch and pick it up on the way home), eat, and then everyone (sometimes even adults) go home for a well-deserved nap!

It takes a lot of effort, but as I look back at the family photos we’ve taken through the years, it’s worth every minute! I’m so grateful for the wonderful memories and tangible history we have of the Gardner family. I think Sidney captured my feelings best: “I love family picture days,” she said several times, “because we’re all together as a family!”

Happy Birthday, Shanna!

Tonight was a night of memorable firsts—the first night all the Gardner grown-ups have been together since before Shanna’s mission and the first night we’ve all been together with Jared, the newest Gardner-to-be. (Or is Shanna a Bridegan-to-be? Both, I guess. . . . )

It was a great birthday celebration (Shanna’s real birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated tonight). Shanna chose the restaurant—Tsunami, a Japanese sushi restaurant. Those of us who like sushi all ordered different rolls, and then we shared. (Those who aren’t sushi lovers ordered the chicken.)

We pooled our resources and gave Shanna a birthday gift of cash, which is much-appreciated as she heads into this new phase of her life. And we had a wonderful night of conversation and getting to know each other.

I wondered if all 12 of us on one long table might be too many to have meaningful conversations, but we had some great large-group talks, and smaller chats as well. I’m hoping we didn’t overwhelm Jared too much, but he seemed to take it all in stride. We’re all looking forward to getting to know him better, and we hope he’s looking forward to getting to know us better! (smile)

Happy birthday, Shanna—we love you!

Announcement Photos--Check


Shanna and Jared had their announcement  photos taken yesterday. With Jon behind the camera, there were lots of fun shots to choose from!  (He and Shalae and the kids are in town for the family photo shoot for the catalog on Saturday, so it was perfect timing!)

Sean, who designed the announcement  (to die for!) helped out during the shoot; they went out to the Great Salt Lake. And now they (Jon and Sean) are working to prepare the print pieces  to go to the printers first thing.

Of course, because of the short notice (Shanna and Jared are getting married on April 10, LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY. . . BUT WE’RE NOT STRESSED OR ANYTHING!), the announcements won’t be hand-stamped at all. (Does it count that they’re being printed on our Elegant Eggplant card stock?) We just didn’t have time.

The bridal shower invitations and favors WILL be hand-stamped though; I’ll post them when we finish them.

And I’ll post a finished announcement as well, when they are hot off the press next week.

  In the meantime, here are a few of the photos Shanna and Jared didn’t choose for the announcements.

It’s very exciting to see my youngest and last daughter prepare for this singularly important event in her life. I’m sure I’ll get sentimental at some point, but there’s no time for that right now. . . .we’ve got way too many things on our list to check off!

A Gung-Ho Esther


With luggage securely in hand, we headed to Toronto yesterday, and our last Canadian Workshop of a Lifetime for quite awhile. (We have one more to do in the Great White North, but it will be later because Tamye wasn’t available these past two weeks.)

This workshop was with Esther Moore, a sweetheart of a demonstrator. Anyone who is pregnant with her third child and her oldest is three deserves a medal! She is due in five or six weeks, and was darling with her two little boys. You can tell she’s a great mother!

And she’s a great demonstrator as well! She’s new (just signed up in October) and is gung ho. Believe it or not, she has a few more events scheduled between now and the birth of her baby! She got another booking last night at the workshop as well, although I’m not sure when she’ll schedule that one.

The workshop went well. Esther took seriously the challenge to have at least half of the guests be completely new to Stampin’ Up!, and so more than half of her guests she met last night for the first time. (We love when that happens, don’t we? That’s truly the magic of a workshop at work!) 

The guests seemed to like the projects; they liked it even more when I messed up. (smile) They laughed when I put the Happy Birthday card through the Big Shot without stamping it first, and they also found it amusing when I forgot to put the brad and grommet on before I started layering on the demonstration project. I asked them if they thought I was perfect, and they said “yes.” They know better now! I don’t think I’ve ever demonstrated anything anywhere without goofing up, but that just helps reassure people that anyone can do this; you certainly don’t have to be perfect! 

Esther’s guests also really liked the stenciling, which I was happy about (since it’s one of my favorite techniques). They didn’t realize how easy it was, and they loved the look it creates.

And I have to mention the custom-made Stampin’ Up! cupcakes—handmade by a friend. Esther gave her some DSP, and she went to town. Aren’t they beautiful? Almost too lovely to eat. . . . but not quite!

After the workshop, we rushed off to dinner with a small group of Esther’s demonstrator friends (upline, sideline, etc.). We were late (nobody seemed to want to leave the workshop, which is always a good sign!), but thoroughly enjoyed dinner and the conversation as well! (And thanks, ladies, for the tip about getting to the airport early! We would have never made our flight if you hadn’t warned us that it was one of the busiest travel days of the year in Canada and to get there at least three hours early.)

Stamping on the River's Edge

I’ve said it before, and I’m certain I’ll say it about every one—this Workshop of a Lifetime was fabulous! Heading out, Sara and I were a little nervous. They hadn't found our luggage yet, so we were still wearing our travel clothes and hats to cover our hair, with a lot of prep work (which we had planned to do in the hotel, but couldn’t because our cutters and scissors were in our suitcases) still to do.

After we drove for about an hour, we entered L’Orignal and immediately felt reassured. The town is charming. And Kim’s gorgeous house, which sits on the river’s edge, was even more welcoming.

And then we met Kim, who was incredibly gracious and unselfish, the perfect hostess. She’d heard about the luggage mishap, had all the supplies we needed ready and waiting, and immediately put us at ease.

Although her guests arrived before we were completely ready, they were equally gracious as they waited patiently, and we all chatted and laughed about the challenges we’d encountered in our travels.

The actual workshop itself went off without a hitch (how could it not in such an incredible stamping room!), and the guests enjoyed making the Make & Takes. I think Kim got three bookings; I’m not sure about sales because Kim didn’t close it last night. And Sara and I could have listened to everyone talk in French (all the guests were bilingual and slipped back and forth between both languages) all night long—it’s a beautiful language!

Between the workshop and her demonstrator event, we ate dinner. Kim’s husband came home early from work (the first time he’s done that, she said) and served us a delicious dinner! Her darling girls were there as well—a simply adorable family!

More than 140 demonstrators attended Kim’s demonstrator event; we kept busy with picture taking and chatting, and it was also a wonderful experience. Kim had displays, four Make & Takes, and plenty of action. I think she signed up three recruits too! You can tell that Kim takes this business seriously, is very detail-oriented, and loves both her customers and fellow demonstrators. And they love her back!

We were sad to leave Kim and L’Orignal behind us when the evening was over. But when we arrived at the hotel and found our lost luggage sitting in our hotel room, we brightened right up! Sara did the happy dance (I wish I’d had the camera!), and we had a shower and put on CLEAN clothes for the first time in two days!  Woo hoo!


What a Day!

All I can say is that I hope never to repeat this day. It certainly hasn’t been my worst, but it definitely hasn’t been my best!

Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that Sara and I left this morning to head off for our third week of Workshops of a Lifetime. Our flight leaving Salt Lake City was delayed by two hours, meaning we missed one connection, meaning we missed another connection. We eventually got re-routed to our final destination from Chicago, arriving way later than originally planned. (And since I didn’t get any sleep last night, I was kind of counting on getting to bed early tonight! Hate when that happens. . . )

And to add insult to injury, our luggage (complete with clothes, make-up, and some of the workshop supplies) flew off into the sunset to who knows where. We had hoped that it might arrive here before we did, but unfortunately, we were disappointed. I laughed as we left the baggage area after filling out all the forms, because Sara kept looking back longingly at the carousel, hoping against hope that somehow the missing bags might miraculously appear. Didn’t happen. . .

So tonight, besides being exhausted, we’re trying to come up with a Plan B for our workshop. I think we’ll be OK—we have the actual project and Make & Takes with us (we had them in our carry-ons) and we’re hoping our sweet hostess has many of the basic supplies that we will need to replace the ones that are flying (or sitting) somewhere in the vast airline universe.

I think we’ll go to bed now. We’re finally here, we know what we’ve got and what we don’t have, and the day will be much brighter tomorrow, right? I know the workshop will be fabulous regardless—I mean, I’ve never been with a group of stampers and not had a great time. As a friend of mine likes to say, “It will be alright in the end, so if it’s not alright, it’s not the end!” I’m certain that tomorrow night, everything will be alright!

P.S. I haven’t forgotten to choose the Creative Challenge winners—I had planned to finalize that tonight, but I think I’ll go to bed instead. Watch for those winners to be announced soon. . . .

A Shopping Day

I’ve had one full day between arriving home from the Calgary Regional and heading off to the next round of Workshops of a Lifetime—and guess how I spent it? Shopping—for a wedding dress!

Yes, I’m thrilled to announce (although it’s not news to some of you, Shanna’s been talking about it for days!) that Shanna is engaged. 

Her fiancé is Jared Bridegan, the brother of one of her best friend’s husband. They met back in October, right after she came home from her mission. Her friend’s husband actually e-mailed Shanna on her mission and told her about his brother, but Shanna wasn’t interested—too busy doing missionary work.

Then when she came home, she was kind of dating another guy. Jared flew out (he lives in Florida) for one day and they went to lunch, but Shanna wasn’t interested. Jared stayed in touch though, texting and calling, and Shanna started to pay more attention. Eventually, she flew out to Florida, and that face-to-face visit went much better than the previous one!

Jared flew out this weekend to make it official, and he happened to be here for Sterling’s big 60th birthday, a milestone that Sterling hasn’t been thrilled with. We had the kids over for dinner on Sunday, and he got a shirt to help him remember the day. Other than that, we pretty much let him ignore it.

So now you know all the details leading up to today’s shopping trip.

So all the girls but Shalae met at the first store this morning as it opened. We went to one store in Utah County, then grabbed an early lunch (we met Sterling and Jared—Sterling was taking Jared to the airport to catch a flight back home so he can wrap up things before he moves out here) before visiting two more stores. We texted photos of the dresses to Shalae, and she’d call us to share her thoughts, so while it wasn’t quite as good as her being there, she was at least a part of it.

We found dresses we liked in each of the shops, but it was at the last shop that we found THE ONE. We knew the minute she put it on that this dress was meant for Shanna. I won’t post a picture of that dress quite yet—there are a few alterations and additions that need to be made, but I’ll definitely post photos after the wedding. 

So that’s today’s big news! We’re looking forward to spending more time with Jared once he moves out here in the next week or so, and in the meantime we’re thrilled with the way he treats Shanna and that they are so much in love! She cried when they said good-bye today, and I rolled my eyes a little. They’ll be apart for a whole SIX DAYS! But then I remembered leaving Sterling and sobbing the entire two-hour flight back to school, so I do understand. It is kind of cute. . .

I’m staying up late tonight to finish preparing for this week’s two Workshops of a Lifetime. I’ll be catching a flight early tomorrow for that. So now I have to stop thinking about wedding dresses and turn my attention to stamping projects.  . . .

Spring in Calgary

When I packed to go to Canada six days ago, the weather forecast called for snow. However, when I landed in Calgary on Friday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous—and it remained that way until I left early this morning.

With no bad weather to compete with, the house was completely full for the regional, and everyone seemed to enjoy the day as much as I did! One demonstrator left earlier than anticipated—she greeted me early in the day, during check in. She was glowing and pregnant, but she certainly didn’t look as far along as she actually was. She told me that she was due in 12 days and had decided to “take the chance” and come to regional.

Unfortunately (but you really can’t say that, can you?), she was in labor and was heading back to Edmonton (a three-hour drive) to deliver. We took a quick picture together, and she headed out the door. We included her in the prayer when we blessed the food, and although I didn’t hear any updates, I can only hope that she made it home before any blessed events took place!

What an exciting way to start the day! Although none of the events the rest of the day were quite as significant as the birth of a child, I certainly felt like the day offered plenty of valuable information and training.

The regional was all about workshops, including most of the projects, and everyone seemed to love that—I know I did! The project I demonstrated, however, was definitely not make & take-able, but it’s been a tradition for me to show something I’m working on, and I am currently working on Easter ornaments to add to each of my girls’ holiday home décor.  (Of course, I’ll be making myself a set too!)

I’m showing the Pretty in Pink one, but I’m planning on making a set of four different colors—Pretty in Pink, Bashful Blue, Barely Banana, and Certainly Celery. I’m not sure when I’ll finish the 24 ornaments with all that’s going on these days, but that’s an entirely different topic that deserves a blog entry of its own!

Check back tomorrow night for exciting news!

A Twenty-Something Crowd

We’re back at the hotel tonight after another delightful workshop. I know you are probably tired of hearing that everyone is so wonderful, but it’s true!

The people we met today at Ida’s group meeting and workshop were some of the nicest, most genuine, fun people ever! Ida is a twenty-something demonstrator, very new (signed up in December), and the majority of her workshop guests were about her same age, as well.

Her workshop was a family affair; it was great to see her family so supportive. Her father videotaped the workshop (we’ve told the demonstrators they can videotape, but they can only use the video in training for their own group), her brother took pictures, and her mother bustled in and out all night with treats.

Most of Ida’s guests knew how to stamp; they had grown up crafting and many are scrapbookers. They were so quick! Sara barely had to show them how to do the Make & Takes—they were all over it! They listened intently, and I’ve never seen such long wish lists! In fact, one guest picked up the Idea Book & Catalog and said, “This is my wish list!”

They liked the projects—we’re doing different projects at each workshop, which makes it a little challenging, but since I knew I’d be showing the samples after each workshop, I wanted each workshop to feature slightly different projects.

I think Ida’s sales were pretty good—when we left there were still a couple of guests filling out their order forms. She only got one booking, but she had two people sign up as new recruits today, so that’s very exciting!

Both Ida and one of her downline are working toward Rising Star, and I think they can do it! She’s excited and energetic, and working hard to sell, recruit, and support her growing downline. After meeting her today, I think she’s well on her way to building a thriving Stampin’ Up! business!




Williams Lake Workshop


Workshop #2 was wonderful! Dinnae was amazing; she is a ball of fire! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and you can tell that she lives the Statement of the Heart—she loves what she does!

She had scheduled a group gathering in the afternoon, with about 10 people attending, counting Sara and me. Agenda items included training on downline support, recruiting, and workshops, but we ended up talking about a lot more than that! We had a fabulous discussion, and the time flew by. We could have chatted even longer, but we had to get ready for the workshop, which was was just as fun.  


Dinnae had posted flyers all around Williams Lake before the workshop, inviting new customers to come; she also had a few existing customers come (they had to bring a friend though!). We ended the workshop with three new bookings (woo hoo!). I’m not sure about sales (she hasn’t closed her workshop yet), but I think the evening was a great success! 

Dinnae was a perfect hostess and demonstrator, taking care of everybody and making sure they had everything they needed. And the guests were delightful to talk to and get to know. 

At least a third of them had never stamped before, so it was very fun to see them discover our favorite hobby! They seemed to like the projects (but would they say if they didn’t?), and Sara and I loved sharing with them.

Plus, Dinnae had this to-die-for dessert that I'd never tasted, lots of chocolate and cream. I could have slivered my life away (I kept taking "just a sliver" again and again!) I can't remember what it was called, but she said she'd send me the recipe and I'll post it for everyone.

This morning we’re headed to Workshop #3—I’ll post more about that tomorrow, I’m sure! 


Problem-Solving Segment

I appeared for a short segment on KSL’s Studio 5 this morning. Usually when I’m on, I’m demonstrating a project or teaching a technique or doing something related to stamping, but this time they asked me to be part of a panel discussion on problem solving.
There were three of us, and we each shared the approach we usually take when confronted with a problem or challenge. I mentioned that I like to talk to as many people as possible and gather lots of information, and I used the designing and building of the home office as an example. We talked to hundreds of employees and asked them what was most important to them and what they would love in the new building. Then I worked closely with professional architects and builders. It was a wonderful experience that resulted in our own Riverton home office—a gorgeous facility, if I do say so myself!

If you want to check it out, click here. 
As always, I thought of lots of things I would do or say differently afterwards—someday I want to give a perfect performance. I enjoyed it, though, and had lots of fun.
Tonight I’m putting the finishing touches on this week’s round of Workshops of a Lifetime. Sara and I head off tomorrow morning--I’m excited all over again! I’ll keep you posted . . .