Relaxed in Broome


Thought I’d grab a quick minute to share our trip to Broome, Australia. If I could choose one word to describe the trip, it would have to be relaxing. The weather in Broome is very tropical island-like, warm and humid. . . the perfect weather for lounging around the pool. That’s where Sterling and I spent most of our time at least, and I think most of the demonstrators spent a fair amount of time there as well.

We did have a few planned gatherings—our welcome dinner and reception the first night, a fascinating camel ride with swaps and treats another night, and then our final event (dinner and movie shown on the sails of a nearby boat!). I think some demonstrators did a little sightseeing and shopping in the market as well, but for the most part, relaxing was the main activity!



Several demonstrators mentioned how nice it was to just relax, with nothing that had to be done and nowhere specific to go. That doesn’t happen in our lives very often, and it was fun to see demonstrators enjoy that rare opportunity.

And, of course, it was also fun to visit. I recognized everyone who earned the trip, so it was delightful to reconnect with familiar faces and spend time catching up and getting to know each other even better. That’s always a high point of any Stampin’ Up! event, and Broome was no exception.

And now we’re here in Germany and focused on our European Convention. . . . it’s going to be another great week!

Around the World in 16 Days

Farewell! I’m heading on a whirlwind trip around the world and thought I’d let you know that I’ll probably be off the blogosphere for a bit.

Sterling and I leave tomorrow to go halfway around the world to celebrate with our South Pacific incentive trip achievers. Then the next week is our Europe Convention, and it actually made more sense to just travel straight to Europe rather than coming back to Utah first, so it feels like we’ll travel around the world in just a couple of weeks!

I’m not sure what kind of access I’ll have to the Internet at any point during this adventure, so I thought I’d manage expectations. I will be blogging about both events, just not sure when. How’s that for definitive?

I am looking forward to spending time with our wonderful demonstrators in both parts of the world, and I’m looking forward to spending time with my sweetheart as well! Then, after two weeks of travel, I’m pretty sure I’ll be excited to get back home and sleep in my own bed!

So, I’ll be in touch. . . sometime. (smile)

Group Meeting Gathered Around the Kitchen Table

We had Sara’s group meeting last night—a small, intimate gathering around the kitchen table. Sara’s group isn’t big; she has a few long-distance members, but the rest are local and the numbers are small enough that we can fit in my stamp studio (when it’s clean) or around the kitchen table. We chose the kitchen table last night because that’s where the food was. . . . need I say more?

Sara’s group meetings are quite informal. We talk about business and products and recruiting and things like that, but it’s not in a particularly organized way. We usually have a Make & Take and a demonstration, as well as a swap. We also planned our next meeting (an overnight retreat—can’t wait), but mostly we chat about what’s new in each others’ lives.

I did the Make & Take last night (cheated by using my Tacoma project—why not?) and the demonstration. For the demonstration, I spotlighted our Holiday Frame Textured Impressions Embossing Folder.

I also shared the sticky-note framelit tip. Sometimes those framelits slide around a bit when you’re trying to run them through the Big Shot, but when you use a sticky note to hold them in place, it makes a huge difference!

Here’s a second variation of the same card.

Sara did the swap, using our Noel Notes Simply Sent Kit, and I loved what she did with it! It was cute and so quick and easy! She made a few extras to send to her long-distance downline as well.

I enjoy Sara’s meetings. They are short and sweet (usually under two hours), fun, and inspiring—I look forward to them every time! Hopefully her downline members enjoy them as much as I do!


I'm Kind of In Love

Yes, with Sterling. But he’s got a little competition these days. . . I’ve fallen for our Glass Stampin’ Glitter.  I’ve always liked sparkle and shine, and I just can’t get enough of our Glass Glitter. I’m particularly fond of the Champagne color (probably because I’m using it right now to create some Christmas ornaments), but the Silver is pretty fabulous too!

Besides being quick and easy to work with (you can use it to embellish any project), I’ve discovered that it tarnishes with time. And for an antique lover like me, that just makes any Glass Glitter project look more rich over time.

I don’t know if any of you remember the bird project I shared, but this little guy has become one of my favorite-ever home décor items. He’s been out almost the entire year! I just barely tucked him inside of a box for Halloween because he just doesn’t fit with my Halloween vignette, but believe me, he’s coming right back out as soon as Halloween is over!

Here’s one of the Christmas ornaments, as well as a couple of other fun, quick Glass Glitter projects I thought I’d share. I’m betting you’ll fall in love too!



24 Hours with the Hoop Boys

We’ve had a great weekend so far. It’s General Conference weekend for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—a weekend where our Church leaders, including our prophet, speak to us in several different meetings that are televised so members (and anyone else who cares to listen) around the world can hear advice and guidance from these inspired men and women. I always look forward to this weekend for many reasons.

And we had an extra reason to enjoy this weekend—we got to have the Hoopiiaina boys overnight! Several days ago, Sage mentioned that Jason was going for a weekend hunting adventure with his dad and his best friend. He has been working such long, hard hours for Brick Canvas, and she was thrilled that he had the opportunity to take a little break, but something told me she was a little envious as well.

Anyway, I didn’t have to offer more than once to take Kona and Makia! She gratefully accepted our offer, and she had things planned from the minute she dropped them off to the minute she picked them up! She crammed in dinner and movie with friends, a massage, two workouts, a hair appointment, and I don’t know what else. I had to remind her to make time to sleep! I was so glad that she was able to do a few things for herself that she seldom gets the chance to do.

And we did have fun with the boys! They played quietly with puzzles during conference, and in between meetings, we had lunch with the Brown cousins, played outside, helped Grandpa clean the horse stalls, and generally just did lots of fun things that we normally don’t get to do.

Usually when the Hoops come, it’s for a family gathering (they don’t live as close as the others), so they’re here with their cousins, and we don’t get to focus exclusively on them. It was great fun to lavish our love and attention on just them! We will definitely have to do it again!




More Fall Cards

I enjoy fall—it’s such a beautiful time of year! Watching the leaves change colors almost (note the word “almost”) makes up for the colder temperatures that I know are just around the corner. There’s just something cozy and warm that comes with fall as we start spending more time indoors.

This weekend I shared a fall card at our Tacoma regional; here are a few more fall cards that I hope you enjoy. Simple, easy to make, and perfect for this time of year!




A Wonderful Washington Weekend

Got off the plane in Washington Friday evening and was happy—the weather was beautiful. . . clear skies, warm temps, loved it. For those familiar with Washington, clear skies are rare, so I was thrilled. Of course, I didn’t spend much (any?) time outside, but it was nice to imagine being there . . . .

Inside was pretty wonderful as well. It was our largest regional of the season so far, and the crowd was great! Energy was high, and I loved visiting with as many demonstrators and guests as I could. There’s never enough time to talk with everyone as much as I would like, but I’m grateful for the few moments here and there that I’m able to connect.

There were a few different twists to this regional. Scott Nielsen, our CFO, attended and spoke. He’s from Tacoma (he talked about that in his presentation), and it was fun to hear him talk about sharing your why.

We also had a few other home office faces working behind the scenese who aren’t normally with us; they were running cameras and teleprompt. They did a wonderful job, as did everyone else. I love the My Way presentations—we had four this time—and I always learn something new or see something I want to try.


I shared a last-minute project. I actually was ready with a holiday project (there were a lot of fun holiday ideas that were shared); it was packed in my Craft Keeper and ready to go. Then I realized that I really needed a fall-themed thank-you card to send to the many people who have worked with us on the opening of Brick Canvas, so I made a quick change. Two benefits to that decision: I now have the fall cards I need for my immediate needs PLUS I’m packed and ready for our Lansing regional. Sweet!

So this is a simple, super-easy card that is perfect for any thank-you (or any other sentiment, for that matter) that you send this time of year. I’m going to make lots of them. . . . there are always people who I’m grateful for.

And I’m certainly grateful to our Tacoma crowd! Thanks for being there and making my Washington weekend so wonderful!