Home Office Halloween

Hi Everyone, Sara here!

We always have some sort of Halloween celebration here at the home office and this year was no different. On Thursday, every employee got a food voucher to use at one of the many food trucks set up outside for the occasion. It was fun to choose what to have for lunch, and even more enjoyable to sit and eat with fellow co-workers. 

Halloween is a pretty festive time here at the office, a lot of employees dress up and many bring their children in to trick-or-treat at each desk. I thought you might like to see some of the photos. Enjoy!




Six Rising Stars

Hi Everyone, Sara here. 

For the past two days we have had the privilege of hosting our six North America Rising Stars!

They have toured the facility, picked orders on the pickline, received information and training from many different departments and groups, stamped, talked via Skype with a few past Rising Stars, and enjoyed meals while visiting with many home office staff. 

Pam and I were so happy to share their last evening with them. We went to a lovely restaurant and had a whole room to ourselves so that we could chat and hear about them and their experience. It was such an honor to be able to recognize them and thank them for all they do!

Congratulations and best wishes to these six wonderful demonstrators as they continue to build their businesses and share what they love! 

Shanna and the Twins

I know some of you are wondering how Shanna and her family are doing. She was recently divorced, and while divorce is never easy, she and her sweet twins are doing okay. They still live in Florida, where Liam’s health has improved dramatically since being at sea level.

Liam is all-boy and loves tractors, building things, and playing outside. Abigail loves all things creative and talking to her dolls. She’s also a ball of fire (kind of like her mom!). Shanna is busy doing the single-mom thing…working several jobs and loving on her kids when they’re with her.

As a family, we wish we lived closer to help Shanna. But since we don't, her sisters plan to take turns making the trip to visit Shanna and the kids until Sterling and I get home from our mission, and we do what we can from a distance. We love and miss Shanna and her cute kids tons, and we’re looking forward to seeing them in the spring.

Family in Hawaii

Even though Shanna, Liam, and Abigail weren’t able to join us (we missed them EVERY day!), we enjoyed a wonderful visit with the rest of our family in Hawaii. It was a first for the grandkids, and we were so glad to have them here with us! When they arrived, we greeted them with leis and lots of hugs...so excited for the week ahead!

Sterling and I worked in the mission office during the day while the four families spent time venturing out on excursions like Pearl Harbor, the North Shore, the Laie Temple, or staying at the hotel, playing on the beach and in the pool. Each afternoon we left the office an hour or two early to avoid rush-hour traffic, and we all met up for dinner, dessert, and visiting.

Tuesday afternoon and evening were spent together at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The weather was perfect...a little overcast and cooler temperatures, and we stayed for the night show, which was excellent! It made for a long day, especially for the little ones, but it's one of those things you have to do when you're on Oahu.

Our mission president gave us permission to take Friday off, so we packed our bags (for the first time in over seven months!) and drove to the kids' hotel (about a 45-minute drive) and stayed with them from Thursday evening until Sunday evening. It was awesome…every minute of it!

Highlights for me were watching our grandkids play on the beach while I visited with their parents, playing cards and cuddling with grandkids, and attending church together two Sundays in a row. Aside from the few tears as they left for the airport, being together was pure joy!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity we had to spend time with family and for them to experience a little bit of our mission as well as God’s creations here in Hawaii.


Wishes in a Box

I’m always amazed at how much a handwritten note means to the person receiving it. I say that because I was the recipient of birthday wishes in a box—small cards that Sara gathered from over a hundred employees and brought with her to Hawaii. I finally had a chance to read them, and it reminded me once again how much I enjoy a handwritten (and stamped) sentiment. It’s so personal and meaningful and truly one of the best gifts a person can give. Thanks to everyone who took a minute to jot me a note. I love you and miss you!

Deb's Gorgeous Card

Congratulations to Deb Valder, who achieved her million-dollar milestone last week! She'll be celebrated in several ways, and the first way was with flowers and this gorgeous card we knew you’d want to see. It’s a one-of-a-kind, over-the-top card meant to capture Deb’s style and charm, and we hope it’s one she’ll save, knowing it was created just for her and her wonderful accomplishment! Enjoy.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

My birthday started last week when our branch members surprised me with cake, roses, a framed and signed photo, and a jar filled with candy and hand written birthday wishes. There were several who came to institute who don’t usually attend…just to give me hugs! It was a sweet and coordinated effort I appreciate and will long remember!

On my birthday, I was surrounded by most of our family (they’re here for fall break…yay!), including grandchildren. We went to church together (took up two full rows), had lunch in our small apartment, toured the mission office, and swung on the popular banyan tree vines at the tabernacle, ate dinner in one of the hotel villas, and visited the evening away! It was the best birthday ever! The only thing that could’ve made it better is if Shanna and the twins were here. We’re missing them TONS!


Congratulations, Susan!

Hi everyone, this is Sara taking over the blog.

Susan Nygaard recently achieved an incredible $1,000,000 in career sales, and we were excited to honor her at the home office on Tuesday for this amazing accomplishment. Susan was greeted by a standing ovation from Stampin’ Up! employees and enjoyed a fun reception featuring cupcakes—her favorite treats! She delighted everyone by accepting the microphone for a few moments and sharing her experience with her very first Stampin’ Up! workshop. Susan said that she was determined not to buy anything, but wound up purchasing $260 worth of Stampin’ Up! products. The rest, as they say, is history!

She and her husband, Lance, chatted with (and received hugs from) Stampin’ Up! employees, toured the home office, and helped to design a custom stamp set with one of our illustrators. And because Susan manages a very busy hospital pharmacy in her professional life, she especially enjoyed meeting with the supply chain team, touring the Distribution Center, and spending time with Stampin’ Up!’s information technology team. She also spent time on the pickline filming a video, one I can't wait to see!

The Corporate Team had the opportunity to enjoy dinner with Susan and Lance the first evening, and Sean and I were also able to accomodate Susan's request to tour Temple Square in Salt Lake City with dinner following. As you can see, we had a great time!

Congratulations, Susan! It was an honor to spend time with you, and we’re so grateful you're part of the Stampin’ Up! family!

Secretly Hoping

Since we've been on our mission, I work with my designer to create birthday packaging unique to each of our family members. Then Shalae makes sure money is placed in the packaging and delivered to the birthday girl or boy.

When she asked me which was hers and which was Sidney's (their birthdays are a day apart), I was shocked! Shalae loves texture and the neutrals with a pop of color, so I was surprised she had to ask. When I texted to tell her which was hers, she replied, "I was secretly hoping that one was mine! I love it!

And I love Shalae!

Inspiring Quotes

As always, Sterling and I look forward to our church’s semi-annual general conference. It was truly a spiritual feast, and I didn’t want it to end! Aside from getting up yesterday and today at 4:30 AM (that’s right…it’s tradition for the young single adults to watch it live!) to get dressed in church clothes, we enjoyed watching conference with members of our branch and eating breakfast and visiting together in between sessions.

The talks and music were especially uplifting and inspiring, and the messages spoke to my heart. I laughed and cried, and I felt the Spirit testify of eternal truths. If you need a little uplifting, go to lds.org and watch or listen to some of the talks. It’s hard to choose, but two of my favorites were President Nelson’s and Elder Holland’s talks.

Some of the members of our branch wrote their favorite quotes from the talks on the board, and I thought you might like to see them too. Enjoy!

Stampin' Day with Friends

I took my September Paper Pumpkin box to the mission office the other day and asked if the other sisters in the office wanted to take a break and do a little stamping. Everyone excitedly answered yes, so Elder Gardner listened for the phone, and we enjoyed stamping and chatting!

The same evening, we all went to a Stampin’ Up! party, leaving the men to fend for themselves. Our gracious hostess was her usual self, making sure we felt welcome and had plenty of yummy food to eat while we stamped and visited some more! It was definitely a happy stampin’ day with friends!