A Card for Patty

Last week Patty Bennett achieved the amazing milestone of one million dollars in career sales! It was a unique experience for me (Sara) because I was able to witness the countdown personally at Founder's Circle. She actually achieved this milestone in the company of many Stampin' Up! demonstrator friends. She told me they all cheered and celebrated with her, which had to be very cool. We always have an over-the-top card made to accompany flowers being sent, and I thought you might like to see Patty's card. She is very passionate about her flower garden, so I had her card made with that in mind. Congratulations, Patty!

Sidney's Birthday Packaging

Other than the few minutes we chat when we FaceTime with her family, we don’t get to visit with Sidney too much, but I love watching bits and pieces of her life on Instagram. She’s an amazing young woman and deserves amazing things…like this birthday packaging!

Founder's Circle 2015

Hi all, Sara here. Our Founder’s Circle event was last week and I am so excited to share it with you here on Mom’s blog.

This was an exclusive event for our highest performing demonstrators. It’s a time for us to pamper them for all of their efforts and let them know how much we love them. It’s also a time for them to share and strengthen one another, both personally and professionally. It was amazing! Here are a few highlights. . .

Achievers arrived all day Wednesday and we started the event with a charming patio dinner. They were seated in “teams,” giving them the opportunity to get to know new friends and catch up with old friends. (I’m just going to say—the food was amazing, but the chocolate cake was to die for!) We also had a meeting for the first-time achievers so that they could get to know each other and we could get to know them and how they conduct their businesses.

Demonstrators spent Thursday doing whatever their heart desired. There were many who went horseback riding, canyoneering, and shopping—and then, of course, there was stamping and chatting in the Gathering Place. That evening was our annual business share where we all dressed in pajamas and listened to business ideas shared by willing demonstrators. We ended the night with our traditional swap and treats in the Gathering Place.


Friday was an early day, because it was the day we bus over to Kanab! There we have a chance to tour the facility and experience our manufacturing processes, stamp a Make & Take, eat lunch with the fantastic Kanab employees, and take lots of photos. We also visited the Kanab City Park where they played and took pictures in the rubber that cushions the playground area. Friday night many of us attended Tuacahn’s When You Wish performance, which was phenomenal!

Saturday’s format was similar to Thursday’s, but we concluded the event with a beautiful outdoor dinner at the DiFiore Center for Arts and Education. I think it is fitting that our final event was at a center for the arts, wouldn’t you say? After dinner we surprised our Founder’s Circle achievers with an exclusive final showing of West Side Story in-the-round by the St. George Musical Theater.

All in all a wonderful event at a wonderful location with amazing demonstrators!

Special Tour

The chaplain on the USNS Mercy, a United States Navy hospital ship, emailed and asked our mission president if some of the senior missionaries would like a tour of the ship while in port. The Mercy spent a few days in Hawaii on her way home from the annual Pacific Partnership operation.

We were delighted to spend the morning with Chaplain Luckesen and receive a special tour from him. He was gracious enough to answer all our questions and share with us some of his experiences during the six-month mission. I found it interesting that Chaplain Luckesen referred to the Mercy as ‘she’ and ‘her’ when he described the ship. He spoke of the ship and those who serve on it with respect and enthusiasm. We could feel his passion for his work and for the humanitarian work everyone involved performed.

We were amazed by the rows and rows of stretchers (over a thousand) lined up and secured on the walls, the medical equipment and friendly personnel onboard, and all the different kinds of surgeries that could be performed on the ship. The entire tour was fascinating! Of course this post doesn’t do our experience justice.

The Mercy is definitely not a cruise ship, but just being on this special ship made Sterling and I proud to be Americans. We also couldn't help but look forward to our next cruise with family and friends.

A New Tradition

Our weekend was its usual busyness with Saturday morning being the highlight. It started by waking up at 4:30 AM and enjoying the gorgeous drive to Laie for a temple trip with some of our branch members. We’ve gone with them a few times (and it’s always a peaceful and spiritual experience), eating a meal together afterward, but this time was the best because we went to the Marriott Courtyard for breakfast. It was clean and spacious, there was no straddling over a picnic table bench in my skirt, and it was air-conditioned…yay! As far as Elder Gardner and I are concerned, a new tradition has been born!

Plus the food reminded me of Founder’s Circle (the menu is similar to the Courtyard in St. George). I will miss being with all of our Founder’s Circle achievers for the final retreat this week and hope everyone has a great time together in beautiful southern Utah. Congratulations and hugs from Hawaii!

Gift Packaging for Tanner and Nate

Although this birthday box is pretty awesome, it doesn’t compare to Tanner’s awesomeness…a kid who is now officially an adult!

Tanner and Nate share a birthday, so I’m showing Nate’s birthday packaging as well.

My artist must have thought that I would ask her where she got the image for his “biker” tag (Nate rides road bicycles and races too), so she sent me this photo…pretty clever, huh?

Labor Day Weekend

Our long weekend began Friday evening at Buca di Beppo with some of the single adults from our branch. We celebrated a birthday and enjoyed some good food and great company!

Saturday was spent doing almost nothing, and we loved it! Sunday was peaceful, as usual, and yesterday some of the branch members gathered at our gracious branch president’s condo for swimming and an afternoon barbeque. The surroundings were beautiful and quiet…no sirens or traffic. We wished we had worn our swimming suits and gotten in the pool to cool off. Instead we sat at the pool’s edge and enjoyed relaxing and visiting for five fabulous hours. The extra day was a relaxing treat spent with some of our favorite people!

Stella's Special Day

It’s hard to imagine that Sara’s baby recently turned eight and was baptized yesterday and even stranger that we weren’t there to witness it. Stella’s entire family participated in the program—from the prayers to the talks to the music, and of course Sean baptized her. Lunch was at our home afterward for the family and friends who attended. And even though we weren’t there for Stella’s special day, we sent our love, and they sent us photos! We’re proud of Stella for making this important decision and hope she knows how much we love her.

Lots of Birthdays

When my artist sent me photos of the birthday “boxes” she’d created for our family’s September birthdays, I realized I haven’t even shared August’s yet, both of which are adorable! So, basically you’re going to see lots of birthday gift presentations over the coming weeks…boxes, bags, and carriers. I think you’ll love them all!

This is Phoebe’s snow princess box. I’m guessing you’re wondering how it’s made, but you’ll have to wait until I post Stella’s box (similar concept) with the “pattern” and a few tips. Until then…

A Card for Susan

Susan Nygaard recently achieved one million dollars in career sales, which is a huge accomplishment! We’re always keeping an eye on who is getting close and when we think they’ll hit that milestone. Once they do, a number of things are set in motion—and one of them is having an over-the-top card made to accompany flowers, congratulating the demonstrator on their amazing achievement. I thought you might like to see the card that was made for Susan. I’m not sure the pictures really do it justice. It is beautiful! Congratulations, Susan!